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SF square 2008

On November 27, 2008, science film festival took place in Vienna the second European film Casino. This time it was in cooperation with the Institut Francais de Vienne (Cécile Salin) organized.

Les autres hommes, Michel Viotte
France, 2006 85 mn VSTA
Thanks to scientific and artistic documents the Director depicts the educational history of the Western view on the "other".
He reminds us of the great stages of European expansion, which began with the maritime conquests and in the 20th century, the highlight is the colonial wars.
Before this man-made intrusion of the white man, the "other" had to disappear or abide before began a slow evolution of mentalities.




Au delà de l ' infini , Werner Herzog
2006-77 mn - English version
The film is about a fifteen-year odyssey in space, one of the most amazing planetary exploration ever undertaken: the one of the Galileo probe.
This adventure ended September 21, 2003, when the spacecraft during the penetration in the Jupiter atmosphere reentered the atmosphere itself.
The film is a true love story: the funny and intense relationship between a scientific group and their creation in the multifarious of the universe.



Plus loin que le you bleu ciel, Valérie Winckler
France, 2005-52 mn - English version
The Europeans Juliette Payette, Jean-François Clervoy and Gerhard Thiele, Russian Sergueï Krikalev and American Franklin Chang-Diaz belong to the privileged few who spent a long time in space. These five astronauts tell us their feelings that they felt during their adventure in the orbit.




Charisma in politics. The body language of the used, Pierre-François Gaudry
France, 2008-47 mn - English version
This film allows us to understand the importance of non-verbal communication among politicians and also explains the different elements, which developed the charisma. This analysis will take place in an international context.



The varied movie day was rounded off by a panel discussion with the French Director François Tisseyre, who talked about the opportunities and problems of the science film from a filmmaker's point of view.
The Grand Prize winner was François Gaudry with his film charisma in politics.

v.l.n.r: Wolfgang Haberl, Francois Tisseyre, Mag.a Susanne Schäfer Wiery, Kurt Wimmer