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Main movie 2012

18:30 20:00
Nostalgia de la Luz
Length: 90 minutes
Director: Patricio Guzmán
Production: Attacama productions S.A.R.L..
Six international astronomical observatories in operation are the immensity of the Atacama desert in northern Chile. This gigantic observation stations of outer space, of the stars and distant galaxies are the latest technical and feature nowadays most comprehensive research capacity.
Scientists seeking the latest lights of the universe in the oldest times to learn more about the future of the earth people. Just a stone's throw away from them the families of the victims of Pinochet's digging around the Earth in the mass graves with their bare hands. You are in search of the body of «disappeared». You need an unexplained past to invent a future for themselves and their children.
In Santiago, the capital, the Government seeks also, searching for wealth and economic success. She is committed heart and soul to this task and hopes to find success in the material development of the country. The past of Chile forgets them completely. These three searches are the pivotal point of the documentary NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ.
The documentary was in the official selection of the Cannes Festival 2010 and has since on numerous apply received more than 25 Awards, including the European documentary film award, as well as the audience awards of the major festivals in Biarritz, Toronto, Brussels.